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The information you shared is the minimum we need in order to share information with you. However, one of the challenges we experience when dealing with sexual- and gender-based violence is that we do not know who is doing what, and where! This often means that we work in isolation and reinvent the wheel - reducing our impact.

As faith-based organisations it would be very helpful if we could know what others are doing so that we are able to collaborate and refer those in need to the correct organisation. We might even need partners for shared proposals or responses to challenges. In order to do this, we need a more comprehensive database.

We would really value it if you can share more information in the sections below.

  • the first section gives a bit more information about you
  • if you represent an organisation, the second section provides more organisational information.
  • The third section provides info about the focus areas and services you or the organisation provide.

Completeting the forms will be quite quick, but very helpful!