Calling All South African Faith Leaders and Believers:

Unite to End Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF)!

In the heart of our diverse nation, faith serves as the guiding light for over 85% of us.

It’s time for our collective beliefs to ignite change and end the rampant gender-based violence and femicide plaguing our society!

Join the movement—take a stand!

South Africa ranks among the highest for GBVF globally. Our faith, a cornerstone of our lives, holds the power to spark a seismic shift in this crisis. We have the capability to not just condemn but to transform destructive social norms that fuel violence against our women and children.


Your Faith Holds the key to Change!

Imagine our places of worship as sanctuaries, not just in prayer but in action. They can be beacons of hope and change—centers for prevention and unwavering support for survivors of GBV.

Enter the Faith Action to End GBV Collective—a growing force recognized by governments and international bodies alike. This collective is taking a historic leap, transcending religious boundaries with an interfaith GBV mobilization campaign.


It’s Time for Action!

Faith leaders and communities are uniting, taking a resounding pledge to actively participate in initiatives to prevent GBVF. At its core lies a meticulously crafted Statement of Commitment by faith scholars and activists.

Join the Signature Campaign!

Pledge as an individual and as a representative of your faith to eradicate GBVF from your institution and wider community. Your signature is more than ink; it’s a promise for change!

Spread the word—transform lives!

Share this statement and amplify our collective voice against GBVF. Let’s create a groundswell of commitment to reshape our nation!

Act Now!

If you’re ready to implement change within your faith community, our local action support team is poised and ready to assist.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

— Mother Teresa.

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Let’s Stand Together—Our Faith, Our Action, Our Change!