Imagine a World of Gender Equality…

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…where people of all genders and all backgrounds are treated fairly, with dignity, and are able to fulfil their potential… a world that is free of gender-based violence and where relationships are harmonious and families are built on love.

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What is your role in this equality journey?

Do you have faith in such a world?

What gives you faith in gender justice?

Is it your religious faith, or simply the values and principles you want to see lived out in the future?

We invite you to pause, reflect and write an open letter to yourself about your journey so far, and your journey to create a gender-just future

Elders (over 35yrs): Write a letter to your young self, aged 15-20 years.

As you share triumphs and setbacks, challenges and achievements, tell your younger self what to watch out for.
Through your own experience and contribution to gender equality, motivate your younger self to be a catalyst for change. Reflect on how to make equality, justice and freedom from violence real for you, others and the system.
Tell your younger self how to hold on to your values, principles and beliefs. To your faith. In a gender-just and gender-based violence-free future.

Youth (35yrs and under): Write a letter to your older self, aged 50-60 years.

Explore the challenges you imagine you have had to overcome, the challenges that overcame you.
How your faith in gender justice shaped your reality and how you changed that reality. Explain what defined you, what you stood for and what you achieved.
Tell your future self how your bold steps brought transformation for you, your family, your community, South Africa. The world.

Looking back, looking forward, explore your faith in gender justice. What does the world of gender equality look like, how does it feel and where are you in it?

We encourage you to share in the form of a letter (500-word limit), a poem, a voice note or a video. While this is an open letter, you may wish to remain anonymous.

Contributions will be shared on the soon-to-be-launched website of the Faith Action to End GBV Collective, through social media platforms of Collective partners and possibly a publication.

To submit your letters or ask questions, email Gil at:

An initiative started by UN Women, the Open Letter to Self is being taken forward by the Faith Action to End GBV Collective.