Almost 50 men signed the WWSOSA Pledge to speak up against sexual and gender based violence.”

“We have received positive reviews from the men who attended. My team members have gone on to say that this is the best network we’ve ever had in the 3 years we’ve been working together. The feeling we all have is that this was the most relevant and practical men’s meeting we’ve had. Since I’ve been placed to lead the ministry, the goal was to be as practical and basic as possible. I told the team 3 years ago that it makes no sense to me to preach up a storm unless our men walk out of the room with readily applicable principles to change their lives for the better. A lot of the men were absolutely shocked about how it is us as men who perpetuate the culture of rape/violence against women through the smallest acts we do not knowingly. That diagram you took us through was eye-opening. Right from the eldest man in the room to the youngest, everyone has gotten a huge wake-up call about what is actually going on in our society. We are so grateful.”

The dialogue towards lasting change has definitely begun.

“At our Father’s Day service, we had Cluster Commander Major-General B. Nxabela together with the Deputy Station Commander for the Umlazi SAPS come in to address the various interventions the police have towards combating the spread of violence. They have expressed a desire to work hand-in-hand with us in their efforts to influence men across our community. My team is meeting next week with one of our church psychologists to start plotting a way forward for us as men internally and then we will move to meet with our local SAPS branch from there.”