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We Will Speak Out South Africa is a coalition of more than 200 individuals, organisations and church groups – including faith leaders and survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) – who work together to eliminate sexual and gender-based violence in the faith sector and wider society, counter stigma against survivors and bring healing

We are part of an international coalition founded in 2011. 

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WWSOSA welcomes new individual and organisational members that share our passion to see a world without gender-based violence.

Download this form, complete it and email it to coordinator@wwsosa.org.za  

Faith Leaders’ Gender Transformation Programme

A new and innovative Faith Leaders Gender Transformation Programme, fondly referred to as the FLGTP, opened its doors for the second cycle this year. In response to mandates from their churches and organisations to guide them to end gender-based violence, a diverse community of 26 faith leaders gathered at eBandla hotel in Ballito on 28 February until 2 March 2022 together with 11 mentors and facilitators for 3 foundational days.

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Recent News

  • Faith Action Forum Meeting 6th March
    Faith Action Form Meeting March has arrived all too soon, and it is time for us to meet as the Faith Action Collective to end GBV, which I am excited is becoming increasingly interfaith – so please invite all those from any faith that has a vision for ending GBV! This month, our meeting coincides…
  • Toxic Masculinity at Play
    “… I was already seething with anger that had been building over the past six days. I bombarded her with a series of questions, giving her no chance to respond to the barrage of inquiries posed by an angry monster. In the heat of the moment, without further thought, I raised my voice and my hand. I slapped her across the face and kicked her randomly. She cried. At that moment, I was immediately overcome with shame and remorse…”
  • Night of the Long Knives
    Unless we address things by their true names, the battle against gender-based violence will be lost before teatime writes Bhekisisa Mncube about the darkest day of his life when he once hit a woman, in part two of a three-part series.
  • Beyond Forgiveness
    When the abuser passed away, it brought catharsis instead of grief, writes Bhekisisa Mncube about his healing from sexual abuse, endured over four decades ago.
    You can read the full report here STAKEHOLDER REPORT FULL Unite to End Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF)! In the heart of our diverse nation, faith serves as the guiding light for over 85% of us. It’s time for our collective beliefs to ignite change and end the rampant gender-based violence and femicide plaguing our…