Important developments in the We Will Speak Out South Africa Coalition has taken the organisation to the next level. This was greatly assisted by the AmplifyChange partnership. A number of meetings were held with a wide selection of Coalition members. This included:

  • The We will Speak Out South Africa Annual Coalition Meeting held at Rhema Ministries, Randburg on 24 November 2015
  • Various Skype meeting of the interim Steering Committee
  • Strategic planning meeting for all Coalition Members on 9 – 10 March 2016 at Real life Church, Sandton
  • Strategic planning meeting for Steering Committee Members on 22-14 June in Durban.

Some of the important steps taken include:

  • The decision to employ a coordinator to facilitate the process
  • development of a social media presence through a Facebook page and a Twitter Profile
  • Updating of the database of interested parties.
  • Development of a draft membership document and registration form
  • Development of a draft constitution
Interim Com
We Will Speak Out SA Interim Steering Committee working hard in June 2016

The next step would be to employ a Coordinator to manage the process of refining and approving all draft documents in consultation with members and interested parties, formalising the structure of the coalition and registering with the relevant bodies.

The Interim Steering Committee is sad to share the news of the sudden death of the Amplify Change Project Coordinator, Ngwiza Khumalo. Ngwiza was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of bone marrow cancer and passed away a few days later. We ask for your prayers particularly for his wife and children, but also for the rest of his family and colleagues.