10 Nov-10 March


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Contact Gil at communication@wwsosa.org.za

What’s it all about?

Imagining a gender-just and GBV-free world, and mobilising ourselves as individuals, people of faith and faith communities to be part of creating the future we hope for.

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The AIM is to be forward-looking and ignite a sense of imagination and hope for a society free of GBV and gender injustice, to counter the paralysis and sense of powerlessness pervading the country that GBV is overwhelming and something we can never overcome.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed:

 “be the change we want to see” (Mahatma Ghandi)

We ask questions like:

What might a gender-just society look like?
Do we believe it is possible?
What role can I play, whoever, wherever I am, in making it possible?
How can our faith communities and religious institutions become part of the solution

The approach is to have 8 mini-campaign focus areas around calendar and commemorative days.

Through the campaign communications team, specific TEAMS will spearhead each initiative. During low-intensity periods, projects of the Faith Action Collective will be highlighted.

Two specific components that brings together individual and collective imagination and responsibility are:

  • Inviting people to write an Open Letter to Self, a UN Women initiative that is being taken forward by the Faith Action Collective. (see below)
  • A Pledge Campaign calling on all faith leaders to make concrete commitments to being part of the change to a gender-just society that promotes and protects the equal dignity, inclusion and safety of all people.

Look out for our FBO Collective LOGO and SHARE our messages of HOPE AND CHANGE through: Online shows (#insuchatimeasthis); Radio shows; Media releases, opinion pieces, interviews; Social media graphics and messages; and Articles in various church newsletters

A new Faith Action to End GBV website is being built as we speak – and will host the campaign.

YOU are invited to SHARE POSTS on your individual organisational media and websites.


Contact Gil at communication@wwsosa.org.za