Become a member

We invite you to become a member of our vibrant coalition, by signing up to get involved. Please complete the membership form.

WWSOSA’s work is membership-driven and offers channels for members to communicate their needs, contribute to supporting other members to strengthen their capacity, and/or undertake joint initiatives. While unable to meet all individual needs, it is committed to facilitating access for members to technical support as needed, through its networking activities and resources database.

The WWSOSA Coalition is intended to ADD VALUE TO ITS MEMBERS’ WORK. Members do not pay a membership fee at this stage.


Activities made available to members who wish to take advantage of them:

  • Face-to-face or online meetings for joint reflection, shared learning or planning joint advocacy or fund raising initiatives.
  • Facilitating access to key online faith-based and gender-based violence resources and organisations.
  • Collecting, documenting and/or distributing good practice examples to influence faith based practice to end gender-based violence more widely;
  • Offering secretariat or resource mobilisation support for interest groups to undertake collaborative actions.

We invite you to:

  1. Complete a membership form, indicating your agreement to the values, principles and commitments outlined in it.
  2. Contribute your skills, gifts and resources to building the WWSOSA Coalition.
  3. Actively participate in WWSOSA initiatives, as appropriate for your work.
  4. Share survivor inputs, as well as best practices and approaches with the Coalition. This information may be submitted to the Coordinator who will share it on the website. Please send information and articles to
  5. Where possible, share relevant data that could strengthen reports, responses and advocacy initiatives. This information may be shared via the website, also to

Full membership

Associate membership

Membership approval and termination

All those who apply and commit themselves to abiding by WWSOSA’s objectives, values and principles, are accepted.

Term of membership, termination, resignation

Membership of the Coalition is ongoing, unless terminated for the following reasons:

  1. A member resigns in writing
  2. A member violates the values, positions and principles of the Coalition.
  3. A member acts in any way that is to the detriment of the Coalition or its reputation.

The WWOSA Management Committee reserves the right to terminate a members’ membership on the basis of 2 or 3.

We welcome you to join the WWSOSA Coalition as a member – please complete the membership form.

You can read more about the types of membership and what members commit to and can expect and complete a membership form or update your information. Please also add your information if you are part of “Faith Action to End GBV.”