Compiled and edited by Nontando Hadebe, Daniela Gennrich, Susan Rakoczy and Nobesuthu Tom
The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians – South Africa

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From the editors: One of the best-known African proverbs says that ‘it takes a village to raise a child!’ In this case it took a village of women (and one man), from all walks of life who shared their stories, theological reflections, poems, songs, time and artwork to produce this extraordinary book. We thank and appreciate each contributor. This book would not have been possible without them.


Nontando Hadebe – +27 76 721 9962;
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Nobesuthu Tom-+27 82 299 5868;
Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University. Marita Snyman. 0848000657
Daniela Gennrich- +27 84 581 0622;
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This book captures the journey of “walking through the shadows of death” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stories reflect women’s vulnerabilities, uncertainty,and shifting realties at a time when they are expected to hold everything together. Through these stories, faith, hope, and solidarity shine bright as they sail through the storm. What an inspiring way to capture this once in a lifetime experience.
– Zanele Makombe, Programme Advisor, Gender and SRHR

The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologian SA has produced this new volume of work in which African women’s voices speak with passion and clarity.
Personal reflections of pain and triumph and critical theological thinking together with the rich imagery of poetry, bear testimony to the depth and variety of the Circle’s engagement with life in present difficult times.
– Denise M. Ackermann

COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the other pandemic – the unabating high levels of gender-based violence. At UN Women, we have identified one way to help end violence against women is to listen to and believe survivors as a first step to breaking the silence.
This is what the Circle of Concerned African Women theologians has done through this incredible book, which has ably and vividly brought to life women’s realities in a unique and accessible way. It provides unparalleled insights into what women have been going through during the COVID-19 pandemic; yet it is also filled with hope.
Most commendable is that the book reflects on the intersectional challenges faced by women, while courageously taking on some policy debates on issues such as the alcohol ban and challenges in the church in addressing GBV.
Solidarity matters and this is what this book provides. A must read for everyone!
– Ms Anne Githuku-Shongwe, UN Women Representative, South Africa Multi-Country Office.

Women and Covid-19 e-book