A number of faith based organisations, churches and gender activists got together in June  to talk about what it will take for the faith sector to become a key player in our nation’s struggle against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide, and we have agreed on a shared vision for our collaborative work:

The vision: Transformed faith communities are actively addressing underlying drivers of GBVF internally and in society and contributing meaningfully to the NSP for GBVF through multi-stakeholder messaging and actions to end GBVF.
We formed a joint campaign, which addresses 4 key areas:

  • Shifting the Narrative
  • Changing and equipping our own faith communities
  • Becoming actively engaged in GBV activities in our wider communities
  • Coordinating our work more effectively, for improved impact.

Read more at Read more at https://sites.google.com/rapidresults.org/fbo-gbvf

WWSOSA is very active in this process, and is part of the 100 Day Campaign that will stretch from early September to the middle of December. But our work stretches well beyond that to all 365 days of every year – until our society is free of GBV!

  1. Moagisi Sibanda, SACC – moagisi@sacc.org.za , +27 82 295 1581
  2. Reverend Bafana Khumalo, Sonke Gender Justice – bafana@genderjustice.org.za, +27 82 578 4479
  3. Ms Daniela Gennrich, We Will Speak Out – South Africa, coordinator@wwsosa.org.za, +27 84 581 0622
  4. Bishop Victor Phalana, SACBC Justice and Peace Commission – victor.phalana@gmail.com, +27 82 470 7151